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The answer is 42.

Number one in the 'Hood, G'

2/10/08 02:55 pm - Wait, nevermind...

Two years.

I no read so good.

2/10/08 02:52 pm - So, it's been almost a year... again.



I'm not dead... if you were wondering.

3/21/06 08:32 pm - Weird...

I totally even forgot what my login to this place was. Huh.

6/4/05 08:57 am - Well, it'll be time to leave soon.

My parent's house officially goes on the market as of this morning. The realtor will be out sometime today to put out a "for sale" sign and information box.

As soon as we find a buyer, it'll only be another 45 to 60 days before I relocate to the lovely city of Austin.

Exciting, eh?

Oh yeah... buy the new Sleater-Kinney. It's fucking good.

5/24/05 02:18 am - Good news

Moistboyz IV, along with a single disc release of I and II , comes out in August, with an actually tour to follow.

Fun times.

4/25/05 01:19 pm - I never write on this thing anymore

Anyway, after having spent this past weekend there, I am now giving instense thought to moving to Austin, TX. It's easily the coolest city I've ever been to yet, and I'd already know people there.

Okay, that's it, really.

2/26/05 08:53 pm - New Online Exclusive Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trailer

See it here: http://www.ugo.com/

I like it more than the last one. A lot more.

2/24/05 08:16 am - I bring you the following public service announcement.

Download a new Fantômas song off of the forthcoming Suspended Animation album here: http://www.southern.net/southern/band/FANTO/IPC62_audio.php

2/23/05 03:12 am - That's right, motherfucker!

Are you a robot?

YES! You are a robot of destruction!

You will crush anyone or anything in your path with missles and lasers and other cool things. You're one badass hunk of metal.

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2/21/05 12:35 am - In case you hadn't heard.

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